Umbreon The Serial Killer

aka Yazmine or Yaz

  • I live in in a shade of grey.
  • I was born on January 2
  • My occupation is exsisting.
  • I am Floating in a space colored void.
  • Umbreon The Serial Killer

    Hi people I'm Tornshine.And I've been noticing that this wiki is small and disorganized I was thinking of perhaps asking wikia comuntie for help here.

    This is the list of faults in this wiki.

    • We don't have acutual staff
    • We don't have a wide list of contributers
    • We don't have alot of pages
    • Theres no story adopcion pages,help pages,staffpages or any pages of that type
    • The main page was small and incompleate(I edited a while ago)
    • We have toooo many unnesacery categories
    • there are pages about gravityfalls but they don't contain stories

    These are just some of the problems.So hoever reads this please coment and think about what your about to read.

    Since the  wiki is practiclly abandodned except for a few active users.I'm asking you to replie on this reque…

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